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't believe how that newspaper is responding. that will be new at 10. and also, the top of the hour, the n.r.a. calls for armed guards in every school and now one town in new jersey, following through with its plans to put guns in schools starting today. back to nicole, we've got the dow up 230 points, i've got to believe that apple is a huge winner today. >> it sure is. just like all 30 dow components that have up arrows today. apple is up nearly 4% and that's a gain of over $21. the reason why, well, first of all, you have the january effect. everybody's jumping in to buy and second, it's a great day on wall street because of what we saw in washington, and a new iphone or iphone six? that's what apple-- applications are finding the app usage logs, and identifier of an iphone 6.1 according to a tech website. get ready for the next apple product, everybody? >> do you remember, nicole, i think only a matter of a week, week and a half, two weeks tops, we opened the show saying did apple crack below 500, yes, it did, 499 and change, i think. >> right, right. stuart: and now. >> well, it's doing w
the problem as you pointed out of straw purchases which happens quite a bit. and the nra has opposed any efforts to crack down on straw purchasers and to do anything on the enforcement side. for instance, the background check is inadequate and has holes in it. the n raz has opposed microstamping of bullets that are important for case where is you have straw purchases. the nra has opposed the atf from doing more than one visit to a gun shop in any given year which is an invitation to unscrupulous gun dealers. there are so many places in which our gun laws invite criminals and terrorists. the availability of the 50 caliber rifle that anybody involved in law enforcement or counterterrorism says is a menace and invitation to terrorists in our society. the fact the nra opposes any kind of regulations or laws dealing with weapons like that shows you what the nra wants is a system that will invite criminals, terrorists, and others to reap the kind of gun violence that we're seeing. since newtown occurred, there's been 396 gun homicides. 26 children have been killed since newtown. where is the m
mayor says he came up with the idea before it was suggested by the n-r-a. students who attended sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut are getting ready to go back to claas tomorrow..a open house will be held toniggt at a repurposed school in nearby monroe.teachers and other staff have been working to get &pthe classrooms ready by paiiting and bringing in new furniiure.sttdents havee't been to class since deeember 14th... when a gunman opened fire at sandy hook... killing 20 children andd6 adults. pin honor of the 150th anniversarr of the emancipation proclamation... the u-s possal servvie unveils its newest features some famous words from the historic document.the new &pforever stamp.the president lincoln in 1863... preed slaves in confederate states. from their 5th consecutive ay baltimore is howing off its d - purple pride. pride.members of the ravens painting the town purppe to get fans excited for sunday's ggme against thh colts.they're spray painting the team logo ballimore... starting at city hall.poe was thhre to heep... cheerleaders... and so far, ever
plan for the district. the idea is similar to one proposed by the n-r-a after the new-town shooting. but the local mayor says he came up with the idea even before the n-r-a suggestion. >> jacqueline: a very cold night. temperatures already freezing. no. forecast, coming u your forecast, coming up underway. >> video captured by an onlooker shows the chaos on a partially frozen california lake after a man fell through the ice on christmas day the sledder lost control and slid right into the part of the lake that wasn't frozen. several people tried to help -- and many of them also fell through the ice. rachel kim talked to the witnesses. >> one man walked his dog but and the moments, there were frozen with fear. one man's went through the ice. >> one person said that he could not swim and it was panic it was difficult to watch. we've watched him and we did not think that he was going to come back up. >> one after another they were also falling into the frigid waters. a chain reaction of slips and falls in. >> i ran back up to the car and asked for the rope. i went back down and i threw
it was suggested by the n-r-a. later today... the state of pennsyllania plans to file a pawsuit against tte n-c-dooble--... foo pniversity.thhemove comes in e the aftermath of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scannal... where the forreerassistantt coach was convicted of .the nnc-dduble-a finnd he an. school... tookkaway the football ttammsswins... reduced scholarships... and &pposs-season.we're told penn lawsuit. it was another late night on capitol hill yesterday... as members of the houss of representatives debated hhw to handle he fiscal cliif packagg the senate passeddbut by the end of the night... the house passed he bill, more than 98 percent of americanss rene arsh is live in washington this morningg.. &pwith oreeon whaa all of this. means.good morning, rene. theehouse pulled off a vote before the marrets opened here in he u.s. ---heading oof broaddtax incceases. --vo-- but individuals earning more than 400-thousand-dollars and couples earnnng more than 450- thousand-dollars a year will see heir taxessgo up. thhe bill also exteeds unemployment benefits. some house republicans wanted
, and -- >> are you going to sue the nra? >> i've had some great lawyers call me who i'm in awe of call me and say look, i don't like your case but i'll help you if you want to sue the nra, for free. that's really true, but if you say something about the nra, and you got guts even to mention that, because when you say something about the nra you get double bonus death threats from all over the world. >> we could keep going, i'm sure we will in the commercial mr. pinsky. we'll follow up with you and see where this goes. we appreciate it. >>> ahead on "starting point," did the rich get off the hook in the madness of the fiscal cliff? that's today's "it off call." >>> how will the world react to this plan, richard quest in london with a look at the global markets. is that confetti? >> they're shooting confetti and clapping. >> happy new year. >>> our "touf call" the fiscal cliff deal, the rich got a 20%, from the 15%. henry blodgett "great news americans, congress just raised taxes on workers while saving investors billions. the tax deal that congress just agreed to will raise $125 billion from incre
by the nra. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think having an armed police officer would increase safety? you can share your response at page, or send us an e-mail to >> a new year means some new prices. this year you will likely pay more for groceries and shipping. >> some things that should be cheaper in 2013. >> the economy's job growth could be slowing down. an iphone 6 may be around the corner. >> we are seeing signs we are returning to normal ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> good morning. happy wednesday. we anticip
got the idea for armed officers before the nra suggested it. the accused peter shooter appeared in court today. he appeared before a judge. a preliminary hearing is set for next monday. the hearing is expected to last all week. hundreds of people including witnesses victims families are expected to attend. prosecutors must convince a judge that there is enough evidence against him to proceed to trial. prosecutors say part of the evidence presented will be 911 calls and more than 30 hours of video. is accused of murdering 12 people and wounding 58 allegedly opened fire at a midnight screening. the state is suing the n.c.a.a. over sanctions against penn state university. they were imposed in the aftermath of the child sex abuse scandal. the sanctions are an attack on the past, present future students of penn state. >> i believe that the n.c.a.a. has no authority and operated outside of their own bylaws. this is a criminal matter not a violation of n.c.a.a. rules. bush >> the l.a. police department is investigating an accident that killed a photographer who is taking pictures o
in the nra. that helps, too. >> but dr. peterson, the president did say this on "meet the press". look at this. >> here's the bottom line. we're not going to get this done unless the american people decide it's important. so this is not going to be simply a matter of me spending political capital. with public opinion, there's nothing we can't do. without public opinion, there's very little you can get done in this town. >> that's soto ryan's point. i've been saying all through the holiday weekend to a lot of my fellow activists, that we're seeing newtown come down in terms of public out rage. and that's not good. how do we have to rile people back up to deal with the fact that we just bared 27 people, for no reason other than a person mentally challenged could get automatic weapons. >> i think there's a couple things that we have to consider here, rev. number one, i believe that those activists in inner cities who have been dealing with the proliferation of guns and the secondary sale of illegal guns, in places like chicago, newark, camden, new orleans and philadelphia have to partner
and wait. this is not the first school shooting. it's not the first mass killing. and every time the nra has come out ahead in the last 20 years, and they have just watched and waited. so you don't see them actively pushing every day on this. and they were silent for the first week -- >> jennifer: but he really goofed it up when he came out. that's right. >> jennifer: joe if the president is behind it he said in the meet the press interview, and other places that one of his first priorities is going to be this gun safety legislation, if the president really pushes it joe, can he get it through congress? >> it's an open question for a couple of different reasons. you will have the bully pulpit of the president behind it. that's different. but secondly you have got diane feinstein who one would remember historically was there in san francisco when harvey millford was shot. and she is pushing legislation to ban high-capacity magazines, ban assault weapons, and require extensive background checks everything the president said she wanted. and she is no slouch when it com
: right. >> caller: not to downgrade the fiscal cliff but i want to talk about the nra. >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: i do not understand why the democrats aren't embracing the nra plan. unless i miss my guess the nra suggested we need to appropriate the funds to hire and train security agents. >> i don't know of any dems that are supporting that. >> stephanie: john what's your point? >> caller: i think -- because they asked us to appropriate the funds, obviously that means we have to raise taxes. we could hire -- oh, i don't know five million new jackbooted atf agents. each of them at schools churches malls. >> stephanie: you know, we were on obviously live. we took wayne lapierrre's press conference live. >> our last day. >> stephanie: that's the problem is you gotta look at all parts of it. that was just stunning in itself. he's just a crazy person. >> he is. >> stephanie: guns are absolutely no part of the problem at all. more guns is the only solution. >> he doubled down a couple of days
provided by karl rove and his pac and the koch brothers and their pacs. it's like the nra saying they're a membership organization. that's what grover norquist is doing. no, it's not. it's a lobby group with a lot of money mant to preserve special interests for people. that has a lot of influence on what going on with these congressmen. >> you're right, it does have an influence -- >> also it's the house where they're running every two years so they're in a constant state of running, in constant fear of a primary battle. in the senate they have six years, they're able to look a little bit more long term. >> a few thousand bucks means a lot in a haus race. when grover has $10 million, that's a lot of influence. he's not just a regular guy. i love the way he paints himself as just another guy who doesn't want tax increases. that's just not true. >> in terms of the next battle -- >> the debt crisis. that will be within a month. that's a big problem because unlike this where i can give you abstracts as to how it affects the economy, if we don't extend the debt limit, the government shuts
to school in marlborough, new jersey. the armed cops are controversial and, remember, the nra wants armed officers in every school across the nation. marlborough mayor pushed to add the armed officers in his schools. and in his town. he joins us now by phone. how much money does it take to pay for armed guards at every school in marlborough? who pays for it? >> that will be coming out of the board of education's budget. the reason why we felt it was necessary to put our police officers -- these aren't armed guards hired from third parties, this is from our police department, who are very familiar with the schools, is in order to bring a calmness to the community until we could fully assess the security situation based on what we're going to learn from newtown, connecticut. >> so, mayor, where are the armed officers placed in the school? >> well, for security reasons we can't tell you exactly where they're located. but we have nine public schools, and our police officers who are all emergency response team trained, meaning they're the first to show up if there is an active shooter scenario
plan for the district. >> off the idea is similar to the one proposed by the nra after the new town shooting. but the local mayor says he came up with the idea even before the nra suggestion. >> a portion of the street near your news for will be cold once again. except for to the emergency vehicles. we will work to date on severs is of central subway project in stockton street. the 1.6 been out project will extend to a third line with four new stations. the centers of wet expected to open in 2019. >> the current temperature in south lake tahoe is one degree. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. phil's right at the the kron 4 morning news at 10:00 a.m.. ñgñg >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news with erica we are watching temperatures. it is better than it was. >> we are still below freezing and santa rosa. it is a crisp morning. 45 and oakland. 41 in hayward. a freeze warning in frost advisory has expired. we are seeing plenty of sunshine. you can see that from our shot. this is downtown san jose. clear skies all round. as we head into the afternoon upp
security plan for the district. >> the idea is similar to the one proposed by the nra at the the new town shooting. >> but the local mayor says he came up with the idea even before the in our a suggestion. >> a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is easy. that will probably change in an hour or so. will have more on traffic, weather, and news when we come back. >> good morning. welcome back the timing is 4:30. >> there is a freeze morning in effect for north bay bellies. until 9:00. to give you more news faster return to kron 4 so reported jackie sissel who joins us live. beatin the temp >> the temperatures are below 20 degrees that is the case for this hour. it was a hard crust the eyes on the wind chill this morning. definitely grab the extra layer of clothes. >> presumably it will stay cold for a couple hours. of reasoning it employs 4:09 a.m.. >> temperatures will continue to drop over the next couple of hours until sunrise. that is usually the coldest time of the day. we are expecting very cold conditions. speaking of cold conditions let us go to erica and get a look at our forec
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